In the aftermath of Mike Babcock’s firing from the Leafs, a wild story from Mitch Marner's rookie season has circulated when Babs pressured him into ranking his teammates by their work ethic and then showed the list to Marner’s lowest ranked players.

A number of former players under Babcock have criticized the coach in the days following his dismissal, but despite how rocky their relationship was at times, Marner did clear the air on how things left off.

In fact, Marner even reached out to thank Babcock over text after he was let go.

Marner on Babcock: 'I had a pretty good relationship with him at the end of it'

Mitch Marner spoke about the 'unfortunate' situation Mike Babcock put him in by showing his teammates a list he got Marner to make that ranked players on the Leafs from best to worst work ethic. Marner says their relationship was repaired and that Babcock apologized for the incident.

Marner has been injured since early November with a high-ankle sprain, a period coinciding with the Leafs' six-game losing streak that led to Babcock’s firing. He hasn’t had the chance to play under Sheldon Keefe yet, but the Leafs are 2-0 so far under new leadership.

While Babcock was known for being hard on his players at times, Keefe says he’s trying to follow a more positive approach.

Keefe on motivating players: 'I try to deal more directly... more in a positive nature'

Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe explains his motivation tactics with his team, saying that he tries to speak more directly with his players and focus on positives. Keefe also discusses some fellow coaches, like the Spurs' Gregg Popovich and the Raptors' Nick Nurse, that he tries to learn from.