In the last week, people are starting to realize how big a deal it could really be in the NHL if John Tavares hits free agency on July 1.

It’s been so rare that star players in the league have given themselves the option of leaving the team they were drafted by, that it just seems bizarre. Because they so rarely reach that point, we hardly get to see other players’ reactions to such monumental shifts in the league, but we might be starting to get a taste.

Nathan MacKinnon was feeling hopeful on a recent TSN post asking fans where they hope Tavares ends up:



What sweater will John #Tavares be wearing in October? 🤔

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Colorado hasn’t been a part of many discussions about Tavares, but it would definitely be possible for the team. MacKinnon is locked into a great contract for the next five years and they don’t have any big deals to sign in the near future.

With a team that’s looking to push to the next level of a fringe playoff team to a team that is a true Stanley Cup contender, this could really be a perfect addition.