Nazem Kadri hasn’t been a member of the Colorado Avalanche for long, but we’re already liking what he has in mind for the team.

Specifically, we’re talking about these classic Quebec Nordiques uniforms, which Kadri endorsed as a potential throwback for the Avs.

To be clear, there are no plans yet for the Avs to bring this jersey back. However, digging up this old gem would certainly be worthwhile. That Nordiques logo is iconic, and we haven’t seen anything quite as distinct as the fleur-de-lis on a jersey since.

If the Hurricanes can revive the Hartford Whalers uniforms, as they did last season, then why can’t the Avs rep the Nordiques? Heck, even the Washington Nationals are bringing back the old Montreal Expos gear!


h/t Twitter/43_Kadri