Once a hooper makes it to the NBA, their whole life becomes a spectacle. The lights are brighter, the cameras are sharper, the audiences are bigger. If you need to know anything about your favourite ballers, you’re likely a quick Google search away from finding out.

It’s not something they were born into, it’s something that they grew into. As part of the Toronto Raptors media day ahead of the 2023-24 season, DZ decided to hop back to a time when life was a little simpler for the young Raps.

To further the concept, DZ actually had the current Raptors players (along with former Raps OG Anunoby, Pascal Siakam, and Precious Achiuwa) scout their own high school tape.



The DVD player, with custom burned artwork, the JVC television, the wheel-it-into-your-classroom TV cart… this video was chocked full of nostalgia. Not to mention the throwback video content! Scottie vs. Precious, Scottie vs. RJ Barrett, short hair Gary Trent Jr… a wide-range of content to chew on in here.

The highlight of the video is no doubt Gary’s speech to wrap of the video. First place everything and he still went second round, and – the quote of the vid – “it’s already written.”

Goosebumps for real, Gare, JEEEEEZ.

Not sure which activity the Raps liked more, this… or listening to an A.I. generated rap verse tailored to them.



You be the judge.