If you've gone outside at some point this week, you've probably noticed that the weather in the city of Toronto is getting much nicer as March quickly approaches.

Sure, the snow hasn't completely melted and the rain and clouds aren't making anyone jump for joy, but temperature wise it's very nice outside, and some might even consider it to be beautiful.

One of the newest members of the Raptors, Serge Ibaka, is not one of those people that would consider it to be beautiful outside, though.

Friday, Ibaka joked about the "beautiful" weather in Toronto recently that reached a high of 18 degrees on Thursday.

Maybe it's not beautiful to Ibaka, but we're sure if the cold comes back he'll be wishing for weather like the city had on Thursday, along with every other Torontonian.


The weather is just one of the things Ibaka will have to adjust to, but we're sure he'll be fine off and on the court.