Professional athletes are as superstitious as they come. Whether it’s taking in an afternoon nap following the morning skate, eating a certain pre-game meal, or wearing a certain “lucky” piece of apparel, sports figures are notoriously known for being creatures of habit that sometimes can border insanity.

In hockey, some players must put on their equipment in a specific order or a routine. Some prefer to put their leg shin pad on first, while others will chose the left. There’s even the extreme stories you hear of players or goaltenders dressing a certain side of their body. Do they put on their left shin pad and left skate before dressing up the right side like Wayne Gretzky used to do? The Great One would go right shin guard, right elbow pad, right sock, right skate before switching it over to the left.

And where do the pants come into play? Does that occur before or after the skate laces are knotted?

Thanks to the NHL’s Puck Personality Player Poll series, we have some the game’s top superstars like Roman Josi, Vladimir Tarasenko, Taylor Hall, Max Domi, Jeff Skinner, Tyler Seguin, Jack Eichel, Shayne Gostisbehere, Johnny Gaudreau, Erik Karlsson, Jamie Benn,  James van Riemsdyk, Jonathan Hubderdeau, Connor McDavid, T.J Oshie, Ryan Getzlaf, and the On the Bench boys weighing in on how they dress themselves.


Here's the final tally.

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Screenshot via YouTube/NHL

So, what order you prefer and how come? Are you one of the 53 percent that puts on your pads, pants then skates, or do you go against the majority? Is your reasoning the same as what one of these NHL players? Let us know in our Facebook commets or Tweet us @BarDown.