Say goodbye to the 2020 Presidents' Trophy winners.

On Monday night, the Tampa Bay knocked the Boston Bruins out of the postseason in double-overtime, sending the regular season’s best team packing in just five games. Boston’s early departure surprisingly marked the seventh consecutive season the Presidents' Trophy winner failed to win the cup.. Judging by past winners, teams would be better off not wanting to win the hardware (as ridiculous as that sounds).

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the ones who have managed to capture both. If you want to try and quiz yourself then go ahead, but close your eyes for a quick second because they’re about to be listed below…


2013 Chicago Blackhawks

2008 Detroit Red Wings

2002 Detroit Red Wings

2001 Colorado avalanche

1999 Dallas Stars

1994 New York Rangers

1989 Calgary Flames

1987 Edmonton Oilers


For reference, attached is a list of all the winners. The four best seasons since the award was introduced to the league in 1986 did not win Cups.

Embedded Image

So, if your team happens to come out of the regular season as the NHL’s best team next year… don’t get your hopes up. History is not on your side!