"I don't know any of the stops or anything, so..."

Well, it's a good thing that T.J. Oshie was recognized by Capitals fans on Saturday as he rode the subway in Washington, because otherwise, him and Matt Niskanen would have missed their stop and Game 3.

As you may have seen on Saturday, both Oshie and Niskanen were spotted taking the metro to Capital One Arena ahead of Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final, which had fans in a frenzy in Washington. 



Yes, there's just something novel about seeing millionaire professional athletes do everyday things like take the subway. According to Oshie, the trip was pretty fun all-around and although fans were excited to see them, they were also respectful of their personal space.



Now, had they taken the metro after their win...something tells us that fans would have been a little too excited to apply the same level of respect for Oshie and Niskanen's personal space during the train ride home.

So why did they take the train and not just drive in? Apparently there were a number of streets nearby the Capital One arena that were closed off, which would have made it rather difficult to come in by car. So to make things easier on themselves, the two Caps stars did what any average person traveling downtown would do to avoid traffic, which is take the subway.

Speaking at the postgame press conference, Oshie explained their reasoning. "We heard it may be tough to get to the game. So we decided to take the train, so if there was going to be any traffic, just to make it easier on us.

As for whether or not the two will be taking the subway to game 4, Oshie has said that they're still undecided. That's a no.