A lot of hockey players have long and successful careers, but the vast majority of even the best hockey players have struggled with injuries at one point or another, especially as they start to get a little bit older. 

Alexander Ovechkin, though? Not him. 

While he's definitely dealt with some bumps and bruises along the way, like the time he fell of that bike last off-season, he's avoided any really serious injuries so far. 

Today, on ESPN's In the Crease, Linda Cohn asked how he's managed, and he gave the most Ovi answer ever. 



We'll have to chat with Mother of Nature, because we want to be buzzing like he is at 34 years old. 

A possibility that's been swirling around lately is Ovi breaking Gretzky's scoring record, and he also touched on what he'd do if he broke the record in the interview. 



Yep. See ya later, he'd be outta there right away. 

While we have a hard time believing a guy who loves the game as much as he does, it'd be pretty epic if he walked right of and retired when he broke the record. 

(H/T: Twitter/lindacohn