Has anyone had a better summer than P.K. Subban?  The NHL 19 cover athlete has been everywhere and has done a little bit of everything this summer and he's not done enjoying the offseason just yet.

This weekend, Subban and was in Muskoka and he and his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn were living it up and jumping off of cliffs together which is the perfect way to spend the long weekend.


Vonn chirped her own form on the jump in her Instagram caption, but we think it was a solid jump considering it was off of a cliff!

Jumping off of cliffs into water might be scary to some, but based on what we've seen this summer, it's not at all for Vonn and Subban.

(Warning: First Video NSFW due to explicit language)



The 4th of July celebrations continue... 🤷🏿‍♂️

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