Sunday's matinee match between the Washington Capitals and Chicago Blackhawks was a wild one.

Led by five-point outings from both Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, the two clubs combined with 13 goals as the 'Hawks downed the Caps 8-5.

The game got chippy in the second period, after Patrick Kane hooked Alexander Ovechkin in the area where the sun doesn't shine. That set the tone for what was an throwback to old school hockey, as both teams mixed it up multiple times in the middle frame.


Later on in the shift, Ovechkin went after after Connor Murphy, resulting in matching roughing penalties, while Kane stood and watched from the outside.

After retrieving his helmet, Ovechkin was clearly not happy with the sequence of events.

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Just a minute later, Tom Wilson laid the boom on Duncan Keith, prompting Seabrook to come the defence of his fellow defenceman. Another scrum ensued, prompting the refs to hand out a number of penalties, making for a party in the penalty box.

Toews tallied his sixth career hat-trick and reached 20 goals for the 12th straight season. Coincidently, only Ovechkin and Kane are the only other two active NHLers to reach that mark. Toews and Kane became the first teammates in NHL history to reach that mark in 12 consecutive seasons.

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