It's the moment every kid playing ball hockey in the driveway dreams about; scoring the goal that wins the Stanley Cup. Immediately, any Stanley Cup winning goal is entered into hockey lore, forever enshrined as a top moment in the sport. 

However, when Patrick Kane scored his Stanley Cup winning goal against the Philadelphia Flyers in 2010, it was a little different. Nobody -- except Kane -- seemed to know that the puck had gone in. 

Kane skated up the ice celebrating the historic goal, and his teammates quickly joined in. Sure enough, the puck had gotten past Flyers goalie Michael Leighton and into the net, securing the first of three 'Hawks Cup titles in the next half decade. 

But the sneaky nature of the puck didn't end there. After it was confirmed that the elusive puck HAD become a Stanley Cup Winning puck... it disappeared again? 

Where did it go? Did it accidentally get shuffled away as any other regular puck may have? Or... was it something more... nefarious? 

There are a few theories involving the disappearance of the puck, including Flyers D-Man Chris Pronger and NHL linesman Steve Martin catching some suspicion. 

In a new series, Sports Mysteries, Corwin and DZ do a deep dive to see if they can crack some of the greatest mysteries in sports. Well, they try their best to, at least. In this edition, they speak with Chicago sports memorabilia collector Grant DePorter in an effort to get some answers. 

Wow okay first of all, Grant DePorter seems like... maybe the most interesting man on Earth. 

So... the fellas didn't solve much, but they did provide some totally unfounded commentary on what they think COULD have happened. The alternate footage of Steve Martin grabbing the puck certainly seems pretty damning, but this may be a mystery that is never solved. 

Where is Kane's $50,000 puck?!?!!