Just about anything Phil Kessel does on social media is a story in itself.

From his Cryogenic chamber video recorded by Geno Malkin, to eating a hot dog out of the Stanley Cup, Phil certainly knows how to captivate his audience.

But this time around, the most recent photo on his Instagram involves an actual dog: his good friend Stella. 


Is Phil trying to break the internet? 🐶 ••• (📸Via: Instagram/Phil Kessel)

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Pretty adorable.

You may remember Tyler Bozak's piece in the Player's Tribune talking about Phil's relationship with Stella when the two former linemates were roommates.

"Some nights I'd be in another room in our place and I'd hear Phil's voice," Bozak wrote. "No, no, I just didn't play well tonight. Yeah, I dunno really …' I'd walk into the room, and he'd be in mid-conversation with Stella. I understood why. Sometimes I did the same thing. Stella was a good listener and a big hockey fan."

Stella, you are certainly a good little girl for lending an ear whenever Phil needed to talk.

(h/t Instagram/Phil Kessel)