The Nashville Predators’ fan base has an odd tradition of throwing catfish on the ice at games, but it can be hard to get into the arena.

Not long ago, some fans released a video detailing how they were able to sneak their fish into the arena. In the photo below, you can see the plan was executed with a lot of saran wrap and a baggy jersey. It is not a recommended method for the squeamish.

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Now, a man by the name of “Chris” is trying to find a way to throw his own catfish onto the ice, there’s just one problem: He’s allergic to catfish. He is obligated to complete the task, because it’s to fulfill a bet that he lost with a his co-workers, so he has taken to Craigslist to find some help. This excerpt is from his now deleted Craigslist post:


“Sufficient strength to chuck a 2lb catfish over the glass. Stones large enough to stand there and fire up the crowd after the guts have splattered over the ice. Bravery necessary to smuggle a slimy dead catfish saran-wrapped to your belly through security. Willingness to be a God and go down in Preds history.”

According to text messages he exchanged with the Tennessean, after offering $75 to carry out the task, he has received a “high volume” of responses for the service.

This is definitely the better option for Chris, as if he was unable to find someone to carry out the fish throwing, the alternative was apparently getting a lower back tattoo of a catfish.

Best of luck to you, Chris.

(H/T to The Tennessean