The Boston Celtics went into Chicago on Friday night in desperate need of a win as they found themselves down 2-0 in the series.

Before the game, the Bulls received a massive blow as they found out that point guard Rajon Rondo would be out indefinitely due to a broken right thumb.

Rondo was still making headlines, despite being on the bench, as the four-time NBA All-Star showed up to the game in a very interesting suit.


Rajon Rondo's half sleeved suit game: 👍🏽or 👎🏽? #mensfashion #suits #gq #nba #playoffs #chicago #bulls

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Sleeves or no sleeves, Rondo got a little bored watching his teammates compete in the playoffs from the sidelines and wanted to think of a way to contribute, despite being ruled out. That’s when he took an idea out of Grayson Allen’s playbook.


Did Rajon Rondo try to trip Jae Crowder? You make the call.

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As Jae Crowder hits a shot, he turns and makes eye contact with Rondo on the bench. As the Celtics forward starts to head back down the court, it appears that Rondo sticks out his league in an attempt to “accidentally” trip Crowder.

Crowder and the Celtics got the last laugh, as they walked away with a massive 104-87 victory to make it a 2-1 series.