The Detroit Red Wings played their final game at Joe Louis Arena on Sunday afternoon and it was an emotional day for everyone.

With it being their final game in the arena they’ve called home since 1979, the Red Wings and their fans made sure to go all out one last time.

The day started with a red carpet ceremony, as past and present players showed up to a sea of fans awaiting their arrival.

The day got even better for fans, as they all got sent home with a special Farewell 2 The Joe mini stick.

Since it was the final opportunity for fans to show their love for the arena where so many memories were made over the years, they went all out with their traditional octopus throwing and took it to new heights.


Apparently that wasn’t even the final count, as editor Dana Wakiji confirmed a total of 35.

The team and fans certainly did not disappoint, and they all came together to make the final game at Joe Louis Arena a special one.

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