If you’ve been following our content for the last few weeks, you’ve likely seen content involving our new podcast: ‘Huddle Up.’

For every week of the CFL season, co-hosts Poc and Luca reflect on the week that was, and are joined by a special guest to give exclusive behind-the-scenes looks and first-hand storytelling. This week, they got a little EXTRA behind-the-scenes content when the Toronto Argonauts invited them to come join the team.

Well, er… sort of. They joined the grounds team!

Joined by Eric, our trusty co-hosts were tasked with retrieving the tee after kickoffs. The job requires precision, agility, and flat-out speed.

You already knew we were going to make it a competition.



The best part of the footage was potentially when Henoc Muamba approached Eric with two very important pieces of advices:

  • Don’t trip
  • Don’t step on the 20-yard line (out of fear of tripping, of course)

Eric took the advice to heart and made sure to give his best Super Mario hop as soon as he reached the 20.

What’s next? Ball boys? Getting on the chains? The future is bright for the Huddle Up fellas.