It’s always impressive when a player is able to score not one, not two, but three goals to complete the hat trick. It’s so impressive that fans are willing to sacrifice their hats in order to celebrate the achievement.

Even by hat trick standards, Matvei Michkov’s latest hat trick is another level of impressive. Playing against Germany in the U-18 Worlds, the skilled Russian scored a lacrosse-style goal, another goal that he knocked home from a ridiculous angle, and a between the legs goal off a rebound.

We honestly don’t know which goal was the nicest.

Lacrosse Style:

Tough Angle:

Between the legs off a rebound:

He also scored a fourth goal in Russia’s 6-1 victory over the Germans, but it was a little less highlight reel than the rest.

What a night for the young sniper. You can bet scouts have their eyes on this tournament, and they’re likely still picking their jaws up off the floor like the rest of us.

(H/T IIHF, Elite Prospects)