Nobody really understands why, but the circle game has come back in a big way.

Most people remember it from middle school or on Malcom in the Middle, but basically it’s a game where you make a circle with your finger and thumb, hold it below your waist and if someone looks at it, you punch them in the bicep. Now, it’s basically taken over the sports world – only, it’s more creative than ever.

Obviously there are a lot of people that bust it out for team photos and funny scenarios like that, but there’s also the more elaborate cases like this custom stick from Kingston Frontenacs player and Buffalo Sabres prospect Cliff Pu (Shout out to Hayden Stewart for sending this through).



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If you haven’t spotted it yet, take a look at the tip of his blade.

He’s not the only one getting creative either. Don’t look at this goalies five-hole or you might get caught. This could be a strategic move from both sides. Players may get distracted by his pads and goalies met distracted by Pu’s stick.

Either way, it’s good for a few laughs.

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