Goalie training can often be more precise than player training, because you need to nail down your angles and pushes properly or else you could be out of position very quickly.

As goalies become better and better, one thing that still remains their weakness is lateral movement. They’ve improved over the years, but when you get a goalie moving side-to-side, holes open up and pucks can slip through, so most goalies will do a lot of training for this specifically in the offseason.

In fact, it probably makes you go a little crazy at times, so you might need to have some fun to loosen up a bit.

The drills look to have gotten to Ottawa Senators goaltender Mike Condon this week, as he looks like he’s short-circuited in this drill. It starts out as a four-puck drill where Condon shows off some impressive precision in his pushes side-to-side and it eventually descends into madness. It looks like he’s in a video game and a button got stuck, because he just keeps repeating the same move over and over.



@condibear with a very smooth & controlled 4-puck drill #WeLikeToHaveFunHere

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Of course, that isn’t what the drill normally looks like, but it is still pretty impressive. Condon still shows off some pretty ridiculous quickness as he pushs himself all around the ice with one leg. You’ll often hear about “video game”-like moves in sports and this one really looks like it from a goalie perspective.

As for how he’s been training the rest of the season, you can also see some other tactics he uses in this video here.



@rwalsh3 breaking in the new tennis ball machine, as well as his face #inthefaceeee #soundon

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