Alex Ovechkin is one of the most eccentric personalities in the NHL, as we all got to see last summer in particular, but he’s debateably one of the most unchanging personalities as well.

As you watch players grow, you see them mature, become more temperamental, become better leaders, or any other personality trajectories. Ovi, for all his ridiculousness, has stayed just about the same.

Part of this may be attributed to always playing for the same teams. Moscow and Washington, that’s it. His environment doesn’t change, so why would he? In fact, he may have indicated that he would like to stay in Washington based on the fact that he doesn’t seem to like change.


He didn’t directly answer everyone’s questions, but we’re sure Washington would have no problem welcoming back the face of their franchise. Particularly after Ovi was integral in winning one of the most fun Stanley Cup victories of all-time.

So Caps fans can likely feel a little better about it, although he doesn’t eliminate the possibility of going back to Moscow either…

(H/T Igor Rabiner)