We mean, do we even need to explain this one? If there is something that screams baseball season, it’s ice cream. Especially, being sold out of a novelty hat.

Personally, soft-serve chocolate-vanilla twist has a special place in our hearts and we are absolutely counting down the days until we can get our hands on some.


We’re going back with two staple food items here.

When thinking of the food you eat at a baseball game, without a doubt hot dogs leads the pack by a mile. Whether you buy them outside of the stadium or inside to take to your seats, going to a hot dog is an absolute must.


There is no sweeter sound than hearing the beginning of Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

Honestly, we think it should be common courtesy on behalf of all sporting events to take a break in the seventh inning just to get people’s blood flow going, the legs all shaken out.

Plus, what better feeling is there than belting a classic song with thousands of strangers!? It’s what baseball is all about, bringing us all together!


With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, we’re seeing a few new additions to the game and the first that we’re excited to see be executed is the pitch clock.

And before we begin, we absolutely love baseball with tons of tradition engulfed within it. So understandably some additions will take some time getting used to and might just be trial and error.

But the pitch clock sounds like a pretty solid move.

Already experimented in the minor leagues, the pitch clock will be 14 seconds with no base runners and 19 seconds with runners on.

The overall duration of the game will see some change, so it definitely will be interesting.

And also, we get to limit this from ever happening again.


At first look, this rule had our heads scratching but honestly, we’re pretty interested to see how this plays out.

Going from 15-inch bags to 18-inch ones, MLB is trying to not only avoid collisions between fielders and runners, but they’re also hoping to see an increase in stolen bases, which we’re all here for.


Our final point might be our favourite.

More dingers, baby.

With the new CBA deal, the universal DH is officially taking off and we (luckily) will not have to see pitchers dominate on the mound one inning, just to barely make contact and ground-out the next.

Get ready for more home runs in the National League and honestly, even the league as a whole!