Christine Sinclair made history on Wednesday afternoon as she scored her 185th international goal of her career, making her the all-time leading scorer in international soccer history.

Sinclair tied Abby Wambachโ€™s previous mark of 184 with her first goal against St. Kitts and then set the new record just moments later.

Must See: Sinclair becomes all-time leading international goal scorer

The Burnaby, BC native received plenty of congratulatory messages moments after she set the new international record.


Mia Hamm โ€“ who grew up playing when professional womenโ€™s soccer didnโ€™t even exist โ€“ achieved the record for most international goals scored in the world. She was my mentor, my friend โ€“ she was the leader of our Pack. In June 2013, I scored the goal to pass my heroโ€™s record. For the six and a half years that Iโ€™ve held the world record for most goals scored โ€“ by man or woman โ€“ Iโ€™ve been grateful-to-the-bones for the path the Pack before me tread so that I could spend my life playing the game I love. Iโ€™ve tried to live and play in a way honoring that legacy and privilege, so that little girls coming up after us will accomplish things weโ€™ve only dreamed of. So, as a girl who grew up dreaming of winning Olympic gold for my country before womenโ€™s soccer was even an Olympic sport, tonight I am celebrating. Tonight, I am celebrating the honor of passing that record, that legacy of our beautiful game, to the great Christine Sinclair: world-record holder for most international goals โ€“ man or woman โ€“ in history. Christine: History is made. Your victory is our victory. We celebrate with you. To every girl coming up in the Pack with a dream to do something that doesnโ€™t yet even exist: We believe in you to accomplish what we canโ€™t even yet imagine. Your Pack is with you. And history awaits you. @c_sinc12

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In Sinclairโ€™s 20 years with the Canadian national team, sheโ€™s accounted for at least 25 per cent of the teamโ€™s annual offence 14 times. In 2009 she scored four of Canadaโ€™s six goals, and in 2012 she scored 23 of their 45 goals.