Despite being a fictional character, Rocky Balboa is a sports icon in the city of Philadelphia, and because of that, so is Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone.

Rocky and the city of Brotherly Love have become synonymous with one another ever since the iconic film was first released in 1976. So much so that the steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum are effectively known as the "stairs from Rocky" due to their appearance in the film and the statue of Rocky located near the bottom. That's why it should come as no surprise that Stallone loves the city of Philadelphia just as much as the city loves him. So much so that he has pledged his loyalty on the gridiron to the Eagles.

Sunday, before the start of the NFC Championship game, Stallone professed his love for the Eagles and went into great detail, listing of his credentials as an Eagles fan in an effort to dissuade anyone from calling him a bandwagoner. 




He's got us convinced. Considering the fact that the Eagles are going into the Super Bowl as the clear underdogs, it's rather appropriate that one of their biggest fans is the writer, and star of one of the greatest underdogs stories of all-time.


With Stallone helping to lift their wings, those Eagles are surely going to fly now...gonna fly, fly, fly.