Throughout the offseason, there has been a lot of negativity surrounding the Blue Jays.

Two of their franchise players were expected to leave (One did), speculation of a Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez feud began to circulate and the Red Sox just keep getting better. In the last week though, things have started to become more positive. Jose Bautista re-signed, the Stroman stated that he and Sanchez are still friends and the players are back together having fun again.

Bautista was speaking to the media for the first time since re-signing, and at the end of the interview, you might hear someone ask Bautista if the “Bautista Bomb” – his signature drink at the smoothie franchise – will return this season.

That person asking Bautista that was Marcus Stroman, as you can see here:

Marcus Stroman and Bautista also tweeted about the incident after the press conference.