Wayne Gretzky made a name for himself throughout the hockey community before he was even 10-years-old. By the time the Brantford, Ontario native was six-years-old, he was already playing against kids nearly four years older than him.

However, not everyone was a hockey fan so not everyone knew who he was.

A photo from one of Gretzky’s old yearbooks recently surfaced, and believe it or not they spelled his name wrong.


Whoever was on the yearbook committee should have been fired!

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We know it’s just a school yearbook, but you’d think they would double check the spelling of the names before publishing the final product.

At least that error happened when he was just a kid as he was recently presented with a personalized soccer jersey, only his name was once again misspelled.

The NHL’s all-time leading scorer received his very own jersey when he visited Tottenham a couple of years ago, only they misspelled his name by adding an “S” instead of a “Z”.

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