You know those moments that seem a little bit too ~weird~ and you end up having to rub your eyes after to make sure you are in fact seeing things correctly?

Well, that’s exactly our reaction to seeing the San Francisco 49ers put up their banners around State Farm Stadium, the home of the Arizona Cardinals.


On Sunday evening, Arizona Cardinals reporter Darren Urban posted these photos to Twitter showing the 49ers crew coming in to spice up the field a little bit with their own personal touches.

Due to the stay-at-home lockdown restrictions that have hit various counties within California, the San Francisco 49ers were subject to temporarily moving from their current home at Levi’s Stadium.

Even though their stay will be only for three weeks with no conflicts with the Arizona Cardinals schedule, it’s still a bit weird seeing their signage hang up for just a short trip.

Obviously, for Cardinals fans, this didn’t sit well.

Whether it be for television purposes or even just to drive team spirit, it’s clear the 49ers have made their mark as the new roommates.