We've said it multiple times, but we'll say it again, hockey players are the toughest athletes in the world in our opinion.  They play through gruesome injuries and put their bodies on the line each and every night for their team.

That being said, despite the toughness of every player, not every injury is one that can be played through, and over the course of an 82-game season the bumps and bruises add up which makes it more difficult for any player to play a full season.

Still, there are some players that just manage to stay healthy and not miss a game despite the bumps and bruises.  These players are the "Ironmen" of the NHL, and Andrew Cogliano of the Anaheim Ducks is one of them.

Tuesday night, Cogliano played in his 738th straight game against the Habs, and he even scored the lone goal in a 5-1 loss, so, in honour of his incredible streak, here are the 5 longest Ironman streaks in NHL history.

5. Andrew Cogliano, 738 games

Tuesday night was a historic one for Cogliano as he passed Jay Bouwmeester for the fifth-longest Ironman streak at 738 games.

Cog's streak of consecutive games played is the longest active streak in the NHL, but what's even more impressive about the streak is that it started in his rookie season.  In other words, Cogliano hasn't missed a game yet in his career.

4. Craig Ramsay, 776 games

Ramsay, who Cogliano can pass for fourth on this list this season, played his entire career for the Buffalo Sabres.

The 1984-85 Selke winner played in 776 consecutive games at one point in his career, which lasted from 1971 to 1985.

3. Steve Larmer, 884 games

Arguably the most skilled player on this list, Steve Larmer was also a very durable player for the Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers.

Unfortunately his streak of 884 consecutive games played, which is still the longest streak by a player with the same team, came to an end because of a contract dispute in 1994.

2. Garry Unger, 914 games

7-time All-Star Garry Unger set the NHL record for consecutive games played with 914.  Unger played with four teams, Toronto, Detroit, St. Louis, and Atlanta over the course of his Ironman streak.

1. Doug Jarvis, 964 games

4-time Stanley Cup winner Doug Jarvis has been the NHL's ultimate Ironman since breaking Unger's streak.

Like Cogliano, Jarvis started his consecutive games played streak the first time he stepped on the ice, and for setting the record at 964 games, Jarvis was awarded the Bill Masterton Trophy in the 1986-87 season.