At this point in the offseason, every NHL franchise probably feels pretty good about where they're at and what the future holds.

Every team starts the season on equal footing, so whether you believe it or not, every team technically has the same chance to make the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup at this point.

Yes, every team includes teams like the Montreal Canadiens who finished in third-last in the East last season, but have hope for a much better 2018/19 campaign.  The reasons for hope are centred around roster changes, but as we found out Tuesday, there's another change the team made that has nothing to do with the roster and has fans talking.

Notice the difference?  Maybe this picture will help!

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Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Canadiens are going the more traditional route with one logo at centre ice this season as opposed to two.

It's not a change that will have any impact on how the Habs do this season, but seeing as training camps still haven't opened yet, it's a change we feel the hockey world would appreciate knowing about.

(H/T: Montreal Canadiens)