In the latest installment of professional athletes nerding out over Fortnite, we have the Carolina Hurricanes discussing their drop point of choice in the game. In the game, getting to the right drop point early to load up on weapons and ammo can dictate the chances of survival through the rest of the match.

Bearing that in mind, though, the preferred approach of winger Phillip Di Giuseppe desperately needs to be questioned. The man is sinking the team. Listen, Phil, you know what you’re going to find at Loot Lake: lots of gear, and even more enemies. Do not go to Loot Lake!

We do have to say, the idea of the Hurricanes making a team activity out of Fortnite is awesome, and exactly what the sports world’s fascination with the game should be about: Just a 23-man roster, duking it out to be the last man standing.

Or, you know, a 23-man roster being baited into a crossfire at Loot Lake because of Phil’s opinion. Come on, Phil.

h/t Carolina Hurricanes on Twitter