A long time ago, the often outspoken Brian Burke gave Leafs fans one of their favourite quotes in history, in an effort to explain where the direction of the team was going.

“We require, as a team, proper levels of pugnacity, testosterone, truculence and belligerence. That’s how our teams play.” The team has steered away from that direction for the most part since Burke’s departure, although his stamp is still on the team with several core players being acquired in his tenure. Even more so, his stamp is still on the fan base, where you can find some of the grittiest fans in the league, like this man, “The Maz”.

Jason Maslakow, a Leafs fan (as you’ll see in the picture below), attended the Capitals/Leafs game in Washington last night and was caught on TV, with an unlit cigarette in his mouth.

If you thought David Puddy was a big Devils fan in Seinfeld, he’s got nothing on this face painter. Check out the rest of his head.

He also has “Go Leafs Go” dyed blue and wrapping around the back of his head. In the words of the boys from OverDrive, he is the grittiest grinder we’ve ever seen and he was rewarded for it last night. Not only with a Leafs win in Washington, but with a little bit of internet fame. The man from the tweet above, Dan Steinberg, wrote a full article about his trip from Toronto to DC, but the fun didn’t stop there.

Hockey fans across the internet started working up Photoshops of him and Leafs fans everywhere started putting him as their display picture, a movement we believe was started by Justin Fisher with this tweet:

Here are some of the best tweets of the night:

We’re sure there will be more to come from The Maz, as we’re sure the OverDrive crew will want him on the show and not to mention, he has Twitter. He’s pretty pumped about the whole ordeal:

Jason, you're a beauty.