After Alexander Ovechkin won his first Stanley Cup, a large collection of hockey fans became infatuated with following the Great 8's Stanley Cup celebrations.

But you know whose loved Ovechkin the entire time other than his wife and closet family members and friends?

None other than his black Labrador, Blake, who's not only a good boy and loves his two masters, but is quite the affectionate smoocher!

Ovechkin's wife, Nastya, posted a video on her Instagram of her and Ovi sharing a romantical exchange only to be interrupted by Blake, who apparently wanted to join in on the action.


Blake obviously didn't like being the third wheel.

Other than a Stanley Cup ring, the Ovechkin household has grown considerably over the last few months, Nastya gave birth to their first child, Sergei, in late August 72 days after winning the Stanley Cup. Sergei was named in honour of Alex's late brother.

2018 will undoubtedly go down as the most memorable year in the life of Ovi.

(H/T Nastasiya Ovechkin)