The New England Patriots are in a class of their own.

After winning their fifth Super Bowl in February, the team is one Lombardi Trophy shy of tying the Patriots for the most all-time.

Plus, they have the best coach and quarterback of all-time and they just keep on winning the older both of them get, which is impressive to say the least.



Catch me at the parade How Bout Dat

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On Tuesday, the team flexed their muscles even more when they became the first NFL to buy their own 767 Boeing wide-body jet, and they didn't just buy one, they bought two.

The jet looks amazing and the five trophies on the jet are a wonderful touch.  The trophies are also a great way of trolling the rest of the league.

Plus, buying not one, but two jets (which, as per Darren Rovell, generally cost between $5 and $65 million, but if brand new could cost $200 million) is the ultimate power move, much like sending AFC Championship tickets to season ticket holders was.

(H/T: Barstool Sports)