The Red Wings have been arguably the most successful team of the last quarter decade in the NHL and last night, their historic streak came to an end.

After 25 straight years in the NHL playoffs, the Detroit Red Wings were eliminated from contention last night after a loss to the Hurricanes. That streak was a long one and when you consider the age of many of today’s NHL superstars. Connor McDavid is only 20, Patrik Laine is only 18, and so on and so forth. In fact, the majority of NHL players currently in the league weren’t born when the Red Wings last missed the playoffs.

Now, let’s work this out a bit. By our calculations the last game the Red Wings played in 1989-90 was on April 1. That was the last year they missed the playoffs. 852 players have played at least one NHL game this season, 353 of them were born before April 1, 1990, leaving 499 (56%) of them born after that date.

So, depending on what cutoffs Robert used in his analysis, that percentage could be even higher. That’s absolutely baffling.

The NHL really has become a young man’s game.

There are a lot of fun facts coming out after both the Oilers and the Red Wings ended long streaks last night (One positive and one negative). Here were some of the other great ones: