At the beginning of the year, Nick Nurse and the Toronto Raptors envisioned a rotating platoon of starting big men, one that could adjust as the matchup dictates. That plan, though, didn’t take Pascal Siakam’s sudden rise into a borderline All-Star level player.

Siakam has held it down as the starting power forward all season, and there’s no doubt that he’ll be in contention for the league’s Most Improved player award at the end of the season. As is custom, the Raptors are campaigning for Siakam’s MIP bid with a fun knick-knack for award voters, and this one ties into his Spicy P nickname perfectly.


Spicy P’s Hot Sauce! Sheesh. Teams around the NBA like to come up with eccentric little gifts for the media members that vote on the awards — no lie, the then-Charlotte Bobcats once sent a bucket of paint to voters towards Al Jefferson’s All-NBA consideration — but this is certainly one that fans will want to have for themselves.

As long as it tastes good, that is. If not, then there may just be some consequences that show up in the final votes tally, as ESPN hoops expert Zach Lowe jokingly points out. (Is that a threat?!)

h/t Twitter/ZachLowe_NBA