Starting on Wednesday night, the Stanley Cup playoffs will officially start checking games off. That means teams are gearing up both on the ice and off the ice for the most intense (and the most fun to watch) hockey of the year.

One of the reasons playoff hockey is the best is because it’s where rivalries are born, and pre-existing rivalries are reignited. While the battle of Pennsylvania is happening in the east, the battle of California (at least, one of them) is happening in the west. Anaheim vs. San Jose.

The Sharks and the Ducks have helped to make California a hockey state, and their rivalry should not be underestimated. On Tuesday, a sneak peak of the Sharks’ rally towels emerged.


The Duck Hunt-themed towels are sure to be a hit, but let’s be honest, that neon sign is really what puts the photo over the top.


The Sharks continue to reward their fans with laughs in every way they can


(H/T Jonathan Becher)