The Carolina Hurricanes and Nashville Predators first round series is a battle of two of the most rapidly expanding markets. Nashville’s run to the Cup Final just a few years ago helped to solidify “Smashville,” while the increasingly fun “Bunch of Jerks” are also making themselves heard in the hockey world.

They may be a bit of a mismatch in terms of how their seasons went, with Carolina cruising to an 80-point season while Nashville only racked up 64 points, but this series should still be a fun one. One of the attractions that we’ve missed out of Smashville is the Smash Car out front of Bridgestone Arena.

The Smash Car is a car painted in the colours of Preds opponents, but it doesn’t look pretty for very long. Preds fans are handed a sledge hammer to show their passion on the sacrificial car.

In past seasons, Predators fans have really gone to town on the cars. One year, when they were playing against the Winnipeg Jets, the Smash Car was actually a Smash Plane!

They don’t call it Smashville for nothing!

(H/T Preds Foundation)