There have been some illustrious hockey families over the years that have collectively dominated the sport.

From the Espositos, Howes, Hulls to the Gretzkys and Sedins, the sport has seen several families not only make it to the NHL, but perform at high standards.

In the present day, the Staals, Tkachuks and Hughes brothers are at the front of the brotherly spotlight. 

During Satuday's game against the New York Islanders, Canucks forward Brandon Sutter, the son of Red Deer Rebels coach Brent Sutter registered a pretty monumental assist.

The apple gave the entire Sutter family the outright lead at 3216, surpassing the Hull family.

Check out the entire breakdown of the Sutter vs. HUll family breakdown, courtesy of Twitter user Jiri Vitek.

When seven of your family members have made it to the NHL and you're currently the only one left, you better be willing to carry the family torch to make sure no other family comes close. 

The 30-year-old Sutter, who's notched 10 points (6 goals, 4 assists) in 27 games, still has some years left in his career, so look for that number to keep spiking as the season's progress. 

Unless the next generation of Hulls, Stastnys, Gretzkys can emerge and start racking up the points, this seems like it'll be with the Sutter family for a long time.

Now, the question becomes which Albertan ranch the plaque commemorating the record will hang at?

(h/t Twitter/JVitek94)