Certain players get it done in the style department on the ice. But what about off of it?

NHL players have taken their off-ice drip to new levels in recent years and the charge has primarily been led by some of the league’s younger players. There are plenty of players who deserve recognition for their ‘steez’ off the ice, but our very own Therese Sevilla took a crack at naming the top three and did a heck of a job with her explanation.

Without further ado, here they are!


The Auston Matthews explanation… “from Ron Burgandy to Bilbo Baggins.” You nailed it Therese!!!! And the Pasta Peaky Blinders reference? Can’t forget the “Willy Wonka is shaking right now” line either. Just brilliant really.

So these are Therese’s top three, but who didn’t quite make the cut? Well, there’s probably an argument to be made for Kris Letang, guy is usually put together pretty well when the cameras catch him walking with his coffee before games. Elias Pettersson is also pretty drippy, but doesn’t really hold a candle to Therese’s trio.


Okay, so now we’ve gotta ask… who’s in your top three?