An ongoing issue in the NHL is the personality dilemma. 


Now, we’re not saying hockey players don’t have one! They’re just really well trained professionals that are taught to be more reserved when speaking to the media - which can be pretty tough to break. So let’s change that! 


What better way to get to know a hockey team than by directly putting them in the hot seat and getting them out of their comfort zone? During the Toronto Maple Leafs media day, the BarDown team played a game that had each player individually call out other teams from around the league. 


Whether it was the most hated team or the worst jersey’s, they didn’t hold back! 


Okay, okay. We couldn’t get too messy so we had to add in some positive call outs as well! With that said, hopefully some answers will add fuel to the fire of a new potential rivalry. 


Let us know in the comment what your favourite answer was!