You may remember a commercial from the early 2000s in which a very small goalie claims to be “Quick, quick, like a chat”. Chat is French for cat. We never realized how right he was until now.

Of course, we always knew cats were quick, but we didn’t know they had the reflexes and attention spans to become elite goaltenders. This cat proves it is possible provided you don’t use real pucks and use makeshift puck-like lids instead.

We know this because of a cat on the YouTube channel “Cat Shizukudo”, who by our count stops 14 of 15 shots directed towards him (counting the door as the net).

It’s actually weirdly impressive. It even seems to understand the door as the net itself. There are a couple shots that it rountinely directs rebounds into the corner like it’s Carey Price. In case you were wondering, that performance was a .933 save percentage, good for number one spot in the National Hockey League.

Not to mention, it seems like all of those shots were high danger scoring chances. Quick like a chat indeed.

(H/T to Kane Van Gate)