Meeting your favourite athlete may be one of the most nerve-wracking situations for a lot of people.

And for some people, that may even mean taking the “whatever it takes” mentality in order to chase those dreams.

Luckily for this basketball fan, he didn’t have to dodge any oncoming cars as he ran through the streets to capture one of the funniest fan encounters we’ve seen in a long time.

JessieLunchBox, as he goes online, posted the following video of him chasing Jimmy Butler, who is on the back of an airport baggage cart.

Running through what appears to be LAX after the Miami Heat touched down, Jessie chases Butler while making the following comments.

“Jimmy B! Whoot! Running next to a legend, baby! Running next to a legend, what’s up baby?!” 

Jimmy then replies to the fan who is just hammering a hard sprint down the road to keep up.

“Get your *explicit* out the middle of the road!”

The fan then replies by saying “man for you, I don’t care! For you, I don’t care Jimmy.”

This fan’s dedication to chase down Jimmy Butler on a baggage cart is absolutely hilarious. The fact that the fan actually sounds like Chris Rock too, makes it so much better. 

And of course, thank goodness no oncoming traffic was coming so this fan could enjoy this moment.