Zamboni’s are big a part of hockey culture and along with them, there is always a Zamboni driver.

Around local junior and minor league rinks, Zamboni drivers can become kind of folk heroes. They are there day in and day out to make sure the ice is in pristine condition for every player that hits the ice. However, we may have found the most legendary Zamboni driver of them all: Cliff Abraham.

Abraham was a Zamboni driver based in Bozeman, Montana, and he had some of the best stunts we’ve ever seen.


Back in 2004, Cliff did an interview with his local paper and it shines some light on what just happened. He calls being a Zamboni Driver a dream job and is apparently a hockey nut. Here is how they describe his act:

“Abraham’s signature move is the Swinging Zamboni Driver, in which he Tarzan-swings from the railing above the Zamboni’s garage, lands on his feet and slides the length of the ice. He then grabs hold of a taut bungie cord that whips him back across to the garage.”

He also apparently had two knee surgeries that forced him to stop doing the trick, but who knows if he’s recovered from those by now. Either way, the Valley Ice Garden (Where this all took place) is defunct and now operates as a beer distributor’s cold storage facility.