Hockey fans and players are unique, but their gear is not.

For whatever reason, basically any piece of hockey equipment that stands out from the norm ends up becoming known as an obnoxious piece of equipment. It’s a classic chicken or the egg scenario, because it’s hard to argue with how much white gloves, white skates or a mirrored visor stand out on the ice. However, if there were more of them, it probably wouldn’t seem so weird.

We don’t hate the gear that much, so when the BarDown team got a chance to have our own Men’s League, we thought we’d test out some of the most notorious items in




There were some great chirps in there, but it was all in good fun.

Thanks to a collaboration with Canlan Ice Sports and the Adult Safe Hockey League, there should be plenty more videos like this one to come. For now, just sit back and watch Jesse get dangled in the dustiest helmet we’ve ever seen.