The Olympics have come and past and Gary Bettman is already talking about skipping the next Winter Games, but we’re pretty sure one NHLer should go either way.

We’re not exactly sure how he’s going to make it happen, but Jeff Skinner is combining hockey and figure skating in a way that should be its own sport. If the NHL and the IOC can't come to an agreement, maybe Skinner can go as a figure skater or for a totally new sport of figure hockey. 

Skinner was a competitive figure skater growing up before he decided to pursue hockey full-time, and he’s still got some of his old moves. Now, we’re sure he’s a little out of practice, but a double axel in full hockey gear has to be worth some bonus points from the judges.

Perhaps some NHLers could participate in ice dancing as well. Most of them are very familiar with finding a partner on the ice and starting to dance.

Cam Fowler should probably sit that event out.



Tag a friend who can never find a dance partner 😂

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