The most iconic person in sports entertainment is and always will be "The Rock," and although his days in wrestling are, for the most part, behind him, his millions, and millions, of fans will always remember him as the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.

In terms of electrifying personalities in sports, nobody comes close to The Rock, but there are some funny and charismatic athletes out there, one of which just so happens to be an Under Armour guy like Johnson.

No, it's not Cam Newton we're talking about.  Tom Brady is the player we're thinking of, and if you watch him on Sundays or follow him on social media, you already know how funny and charismatic he is.

If you don't know, though, Brady's most recent Facebook video in which he channels his inner Rock to help promote his sleepwear is all you need to see to be convinced.


What did you think of Brady's Rock impression?


In all seriousness, it wasn't that bad, and we can't fault the guy for trying. 

That being said, Patriots fans would probably agree that Tom should stick to throwing touchdowns.  If he wins the Super Bowl, though, how epic would it be if he did the whole "It doesn't matter" catchphrase to Goodell?

(H/T: FTW)