The unique thing about the city of Boston is the relationship the athletes and professional sports teams have with each other.

Obviously every pro sports team in a city supports the others when it comes to playoffs and such, but it seems like the city of Boston takes that to another level.

An example of this is the relationship Tom Brady has with the Celtics and their star guard Isaiah Thomas.

Back in February after New England's Super Bowl win, Brady texted Thomas this:

The two became friends when Thomas got to Boston, and ahead of Game 3 of the Celtics' series against the Bulls, the greatest quarterback of all-time took to Instagram to motivate Thomas and his teammates.



It's how you come back... Good luck tonight. We all have your back! #YourTurn

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Of course that was the motivational message, and with the Celtics down 0-2, it's fitting as the only thing the top team in the East can do is come back.

Coming back might be easier for the Celtics as well now that Rajon Rondo is out with a hand injury.

(H/T: Tom Brady)