Ever since the moment where Joe Carter hit the iconic walk-off homer that catapulted the Blue Jays to a World Series victory and sent the City of Toronto and the country of Canada into a sports-induced euphoria, the Six has been starved of World Championship titles.

Since then, every year, Toronto holds its breath waiting for another chance to fill the streets with a victory parade.

But every year, they fall just short. Not always just short, though. Actually, a lot of the time they don’t even come close.

After so many years of jokes about ‘planning the parade’ before the victories are official (we’re looking at you, Maple Leafs fans), the parade is finally planned.

And we have the details.



The action will commence Monday at 10 am, and the route will start at the team’s OVO practice facility near the Exhibition Grounds, and will move east along the Lakeshore, up York Street to University, with the expectation to arrive at Nathan Phillips Square around the noon hour.

We expect to see all of Toronto out. It’s been a long time coming.