Sam Greenwood had himself a rough one on Thursday at the World Series of Poker.

Greenwood received a pair of aces and quickly found himself in a one-on-one battle with Timothy Su, who was dealt a 10-9 off-suit. The flop revealed a jack, queen and a four, brining Su within a card of hitting a straight. Still feeling confident, Greenwood laid down $1.8 million.

Su called.

Then a jack was turned, leading Greenwood to bet $3.5 million this time around.

Su calls, and wasn't done there either. He then decided to go all in, leaving Greenwood with really no choice but to call. And what happens after that? An absolute NIGHTMARE for the Canadian…


He was even wearing a Raptors hat :(.

The loss sent Greenwood packing early and helped Su increase his chip count to 34,350,000 heading into Friday’s action. Fans couldn’t help but feel for Greenwood after the rough series of events.


Just sickening.

In poker, the cards either go your way or…. They don’t. This one is going to sting Greenwood for a long, long time.