It’s no secret that hockey players are superstitious, ritualistic, and generally seem to believe in unseen forces that most CERTAINLY control their game.
While changing a stick may be more purposeful than spiritual, there certainly seems to be a little bit of “bad juju” mentality when you dive into it.
Every time the Leafs play of TSN, our own Corwin delivers some sort of video related to trending topics involving the Buds. His most recent pre-game video saw him dive into the frequency in which NHLers change their stick, stemming from this moment between Auston Matthews and Nathan MacKinnon:
Auston Matthews is definitely one of the biggest stick-changers in the league, along with some other bigtime goal scorers. Here's Corwin with the full breakdown. 
So does stick changing equate to more goals? Well, if you're scoring, you aren't changing the stick.